“I use the directions a lot when I’m out walking or working, especially when I feel tension or have a headache. I’d say that that in itself has been life-changing. Also my walking has much improved and I feel much more mobile generally. Walking is so very important to me and I’m thankful that I’m able to continue loving it.

“I’m now aware of breathing in down [through the body], and out up [through the body]. I had previously thought of it the other way. This is helpful with sleeplessness in the night.”

I felt more calm and rested after the lessons. I liked the bits where I was lying down and not doing very much, other than allowing my body to settle. That was particularly powerful and useful for me. There is usually a lot of ‘noise’ going on in my head — so of course I found quite a few elements of the Technique and its practice to be meditative and conducive to increased mindfulness, contemplation and relaxation.”

I use some aspects of the Technique, for example when going to sit down — especially at work, where the seating is less than ideal! I am more aware of things like ‘crown of the head away from heels’ when standing up. This has helped when I am seated in a low posture as when deeply settled into a soft, giving sofa. The break room at work was, and continues to be, a good example. My posture when sitting has generally improved.”